What Pride Means To Us At Q Care+

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At Q Care Plus, we take Pride very seriously. You might even say that it’s one of the core values of what we do, which is provide PrEP prescriptions to all individuals to stop the spread of HIV.

That’s why we asked people on our team to tell us what Pride means to them. So you know we’re not just being performative; rather, we genuinely care about gender and sexuality issues, and you can trust us to treat you with respect and provide you with the best quality care.

Employee Testimonials About Pride

Quinton Rasberry – CEO

“Pride to me means inclusivity and acceptance of who we are as people. Pride means being free to authentically who you are. Growing up, I grew up in a small, sheltered place. I had only a very limited idea of what it means to be gay and an even smaller idea of pride. After leaving my hometown and going to college I began to realize that I was different. I identified as gay. I immediately started surrounding myself with people who were like me, who understood me. These people became my chosen family and were there for me in times my real family couldn’t be. They accepted who I was and pushed me to be authentically that person.”

Malik Knox – Customer Care Lead

“One of my favorite pride moments was my first San Francisco Pride; going to Dolores Park and seeing how packed it was with people. I’d never seen so many people in one place celebrating something that I used to be ashamed of. It was pretty powerful.

I feel really blessed to have a crew of queer folks/family where we all look out for each other, help each other heal from our past traumas and are each other’s biggest cheerleaders. Pride is another time we get to celebrate each other.

I always also think of the fact that Pride started out as a riot. Our queer and specifically trans ancestors who refused to hide and be silent. Reminds me of the importance of speaking out about any injustices and seeing our LGBTQIA folks as family. It also reminds me to have patience with us, as we are all healing from a lot.

Just love, you know – remembering to love myself, love others, dance my heart out and enjoy life.”

Mila Huffman – Nurse Practitioner

“Pride is being unapologetically who you are and while loving who you want. Pride is loving others without judgement. Pride is acceptance.”

Julio Morales – Marketing Director

“Pride for me is the search for that subjective power that makes everything ok. For you. For your loved ones. That power that defeats everything you fear.”

How Q Care+ Supports Pride Through What We Do

Not only do we support the Pride movement at Q Care+, but we also take pride in what we do for members of the LGBTQ+ community through the services we provide.

Here’s exactly what we do: we provide HIV-preventative PrEP prescriptions to men, women, non-binary, trans – anyone who needs it – all using virtual doctor visits and mail-in lab kits. Our process is easy to do from home; not only is it discreet, but it’s simpler than making doctor appointments and going to a doctor’s office every three months.

In addition, we also accept “patients” whether or not they have insurance. No matter your financial status, we can help you get the care you need – and for over 99% of patients even for free.

What Is PrEP?

PrEP stands for “pre-exposure prophylaxis.” This is a prescription drug that, when taken daily, can protect negative-HIV individuals from getting infected with HIV from their sexual partners. If you take the pill every day, seven days a week, the prevention rate is 99%.

The process for getting PrEP through Q Care+ is simple and only 4 steps long.

Step 1: Create your health profile. This part of the process takes less than 20 minutes to fill out. Here, you will fill out information such as your medical history and sexual practices.

Step 2: Pay a virtual visit to one of our doctors. Our doctors at Q Care+ will visit with you virtually to go over your profile and what PrEP treatment is best for your unique needs. The doctors are professional, caring, and attentive, so you can feel as safe and comfortable as possible during your appointment.

Step 3: Complete an in-home lab kit. We will send you a lab kit that you can use in your own home and then mail back to us when it’s complete. This kit includes tests for HIV as well as other STIs.

Step 4: Look for your prescription in the mail. Once we’ve confirmed via the in-home lab kit that you are negative for HIV, we will send your prescription directly to your doorstep.

Every three months, you’ll need to make another virtual doctor appointment as well as complete another lab kit. We require these every three months to make sure the PrEP is working for you.

Pride At Q Care+ Means Getting The Sexual Health Care You Need

One of our goals is to create a safe place where LGBTQ+ individuals can get the sexual health care they need. The reason for this goal is we believe everyone deserves to live their life to the fullest according to their preferred sexual orientation.

As our CEO Quinton Rasberry says, “Pride means being free to be authentically who you are.” At Q Care+, we help you be free and safe at the same time.

Megan Standhaft

Megan Standhaft

Megan Standhaft (she/they) is a public health communication professional with 7+ years of experience in a variety of public health sectors, including water insecurity, domestic violence prevention, sexual violence prevention, and HIV prevention. They believe that creating relatable, fun, people-centered content about pertinent issues is the only way to continue driving change. Megan is also a public speaker, having the opportunity to speak at The White House Gender and Policy Council, The Jana's Campaign National Conference, the National Domestic Violence Hotline webinar events, and more.

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