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Is PrEP Right For Me?

PrEP is for everyone who is at risk of getting HIV. If you are frequently having sex (especially receptive vaginal sex), you might be at risk of HIV.

There are two types of PrEP recommended for cisgender women: Truvada® (or a generic equivalent), a pill that is taken by mouth daily or Apretude®, a shot that is given every 2 months.

*In-person labs may not include a full STI panel.

Can I Take PrEP With Other Medications?

PrEP is safe to take with hormonal birth control including pills, patches, and most IUDs, and it does not interfere with birth control’s efficacy.

PrEP is also safe to take with:
+ Anxiety and depression medication
+ Hormone replacement medication
+ Most other medications

If ever in doubt, our dedicated team of providers who specialize in sexual health are here to answer your questions and ensure your medications work together to protect you and your body.

Q Care Plus - PrEP for Women - Feature Image

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