Our Team

Access to PrEP for All

At Q Care+, we want to help bring new HIV infections down to zero by educating people about smart sex practices and making access to PrEP as easy as possible, and by creating a stigma-free space where patients feel comfortable talking about sex.

We started by speaking to people from different communities about some of the biggest obstacles they’ve faced when it comes to getting on PrEP and then built a program addressing those specific challenges.

We’re proud to be a sex-positive company that encourages patients to ask whatever questions they might have, no matter how awkward or embarrassing, and to speak openly about their health concerns. Because it’s OK to talk about sex! And we pride ourselves on using the latest technology that allows patients to utilize our services 24-7 without ever having to leave their homes. Because why leave the house if you don’t have to?

Giving back to local communities is also important to us. That’s why we’ve established partnerships with several Community Based Organizations (CBOs) around the country. In many areas, Q Care+’s services are 100% free through these CBOs. Not only that, but when a Q Care+ patient fills their prescription through a CBO, that CBO gets reimbursed through government grants, allowing it to reinvest the money right back into the community. That’s right, folx. You get your PrEP for free and you get to help your neighbors. Talk about a win-win!

Through easy at-home labs and STD testing, virtual doctor visits, mail-order prescriptions and refills, 24-hour access to our secure online portal, and relationships we’ve built with CBOs around the country, Q Care+ has done all the hard work so you can focus on what really matters: having safe fun between the sheets!


Mission Statement

Q Care+’s mission is to provide quality, stigma-free medication access to all communities regardless of race, color, gender, ethnicity through community partnerships and technology.

Meet the Team

Quinton Rasberry


Quinton has expansive experience working with community-based organizations and connecting with people. As part of the LGBTQ community, Quinton proudly serves diverse groups of people while focusing on overcoming the challenges associated with providing care and access to disproportionate communities. With those challenges in mind, Quinton founded Q Care+.

During his seven years at Avita Pharmacy, Quinton served as the Director of Marketing, 340B Senior Account Executive and as the 340B Business Development Account Executive. Quinton also served as an administrator at Positive Impact Health Centers in Atlanta, GA. Quinton is a 340B ACE, Apexus Certified Expert.

When not (always) working, Quinton enjoys traveling the world, fitness, meeting new people and new experiences.

Brent Lomax


Brent has over 25 years of accounting and finance experience in multiple industries. Most recently, he spent over ten years as a financial officer for a pharmacy with a large presence serving the HIV community. Brent assisted the pharmacy in starting its 340B program, and he has extensive experience helping the company and its customers in navigating 340B. Brent is excited to again help organizations provide, and people receive, life-saving medications.

Jarrod Michels

Director of Client Relations

Jarrod has been an active member of the LGBTQ community in Atlanta for over ten years. Prior to Q Care+, Jarrod worked as the intermediary between corporations and insurance providers to offer the best products and services to benefit all parties involved.

Jarrod strives to keep the best interests of our Q Care+ clients at heart, while also serving as an advocate for patients to receive the best and most appropriate care. Jarrod is excited to provide his services not only for Q Care+ clients, but also for any and every one to receive access to healthcare and services—empowering them to take control of their sexual health.

Outside of Q Care+, Jarrod loves to travel and also occasionally enjoys nerding out over comics and video games.

Julio Morales

Director of Marketing

Julio has nearly 15 years of experience in marketing for large brands, startups and nonprofit organizations. He has an eye for branding and is passionate about the introduction of new products and services. From the launching of telecommunications giant Telefonica Movistar in the American market to creating alluring product lines for retailers like Whole Foods, Walmart and Fairway, Julio’s primary goal has been to create products that exceed customers' expectations and fulfill an organization’s mission and values.

Being part of the Q Care+ team and bringing our platform and healthcare to the LGBTQ community is a major highlight of Julio’s career. He is particularly motivated by the positive impact our services will bring to the life of many, and the eventual eradication of HIV.

Julio is an avid furniture collector and spends the weekends listening to jazz and watching Classic Movies.

Mila Huffman, NP

Nurse Practitioner

Mila Huffman is an Adult Nurse Practitioner who is certified in HIV care and prevention by AAHIVM. She received her BSN and MSN from the University of Northern Kentucky. She has been passionate about working in HIV since learning about the virus in her freshman biology class. Mila has been in the healthcare field for over 12 years, has been an Adult Nurse Practitioner for five years and has worked in HIV care and prevention for over 4 years. She prides herself in being part of the community that she serves.

Christopher S. Hall

MD, MS—Senior Medical Advisor

Dr. Chris Hall is an infectious diseases physician and HIV care/prevention specialist with particular training in sexual health / STI care and nonprofit organizational development. In the late ‘80s, he began his career at the National AIDS Network in Washington, D.C., where he developed resources for fledgling AIDS Service Organizations, later creating an HIV information clearinghouse for the National Hemophilia Foundation in New York. He has since worked with various national HIV/STD policy and training organizations, and more recently, the San Francisco AIDS Foundation and Nurx.com.

Chris has served as the medical director of successful brick-and-mortar HIV clinics serving gay/queer men, people of color, trans folks, as well as women at risk of (and living with) HIV. Recently working in the digital health sector, he strongly believes in QCare’s promise of providing quality patient care while developing CBO capacity to serve more clients, and with additional needed services. He realizes that digital health providers like QCare+ are best able to reach folks with needed testing, prevention, and treatment services for HIV, STIs, and other conditions—all while avoiding the white coats, the sterile walls, and the fear of running into associates from work or play, factors which have historically limited access to these vital services.

When not in the digital health space, Chris enjoys his four dogs, his chicken flock, and growing all sorts of things in Northern California.

Malik Knox

Customer Care Lead

Malik is a Customer Care Lead who is passionate about social justice. Malik has worked in the Telehealth HIV treatment and prevention space as a navigator and operations specialist for the past three years. He is particularly interested in solving healthcare inequities and providing care and access to communities disproportionately impacted by HIV.

Outside of work, Malik enjoys playing PS4, hiking, dancing, and healing and helping others heal from past trauma.