Q Care Plus TEAstimonial: Meet Anthony Interrante

Q Care Plus TEAstimonial: Meet Anthony Interrante

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Q Care Plus TEAstimonial: Meet Anthony Interrante

Meet Anthony, NP, MSN, MSEM, Q Care Plus Nurse Practitioner

Q Care Plus provides affordable or free PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis), which, when taken as prescribed, is 99% effective at preventing HIV. However, only 25%* of people who are at risk of contracting HIV actually take PrEP. Meet Anthony Interrante, just one of our medical staff who works with people who are ready to start their PrEP journey!

We are working to increase that number, and our dedicated medical team works tirelessly with patients who are insured, uninsured, undocumented, men who sleep with men (MSM), bi, trans, nonbinary, you name it!

Let’s Kiki!

Q: So, Anthony, what is your background/what experience led you to this role? 

A: I’ve been an emergency room nurse for 15 years and obtained my advanced practice nursing degree in 2017. I then worked in emergency medicine as an advanced practice medicine nurse (APRN) for several years. After a decade and a half in the ER, I wanted a change, and that change led me to PrEP medicine and STD care at Q Care Plus.

Q: Amazing, thank you for all you do! How long have you been with Q Care Plus? 

A: I started at Q Care Plus in February 2021.

Q: You have such a diverse employment background, so what about the HIV Prevention space appealed to you?

A: As someone on PrEP myself, I understand that PrEP revolutionized the way we can have and enjoy sex. PrEP access was easy for me and I wanted to contribute to our community by making it easier for others. 

Q: What are you most proud of that you’ve accomplished in your role so far? 

A: I’m proud of the fact that I’ve facilitated thousands of prescriptions into the homes of at risk individuals. 

Q: What stands out to you the most in Q Care Plus’s work that you truly believe will change the way people get HIV preventative medication? 

A: Traditional ways of getting PrEP dictated that patients go into their provider’s office and go in person for labs. A lot of people aren’t comfortable exposing that side of their sexuality to even health professionals. I am thrilled that the online space allows discreet or closeted people to benefit from PrEP access. 

Q: Thank you for sharing. In your opinion, what sets Q Care Plus apart from other providers, in your opinion? 

A: Q Care Plus takes a comprehensive approach to sexual health. Other online services will notify their patients of STI diagnoses and leave the search for treatment in the hands of the patients. We provide prescriptions when we can but also help navigate to STI care. 

Q: Outside of providing access to medication, what is something Q Care Plus has done/accomplished that you are proud of? 

A: We offer comprehensive lab testing and interpretation of those labs by providers who know what those results mean and have experience in that space. Our lab testing and outreach has identified thousands of STIs and have helped stop the spread of those infections. 

Q: What is one thing you want people to know about HIV prevention work or a myth that exists within the space?

A: PrEP does not need to be managed by an HIV specialist or an infectious disease doctor.  Primary Care doctors can prescribe this to their patients, too. They just need to get familiar with it. Once they do, it’ll provide more access. Additionally, PrEP isn’t just for gay men. Straight, Gay, Bi, Man, Woman, Nonbinary, Transgender…anyone who has sex and considers themselves at risk can take PrEP. 

Rapid Fire Fun Questions: 

  1. What is your go-to Karaoke song? I don’t sing and I’ve never done Karaoke. You’ll find me ordering the pitcher of beer for the table when the song book comes around. 
  2. What show are you binging right now? The Dropout
  3. Coffee or tea? Iced coffee…duh I’m gay. 
  4. Drag Race or Queer Eye? This isn’t even a question…Drag Race

*SOURCE: The Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Megan Standhaft

Megan Standhaft

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