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At Q Care Plus, Pride isn’t just a one-month celebration.We spotlight and support the LGBTQ+ community year-round… every hour of the day, every day of the week, all month, all year, all the time! At Q Care Plus, it’s Pride ‘24/7!

Taking Pride on the Road: “Grindr Rides America” with Q Care Plus!

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In partnership with Q Care Plus, Grindr’s inaugural Pride bus tour will bring photo ops, swag, and easy online PrEP to Pride parties across the country!

Grindr and Q Care Plus are hitting the road this Pride, and we’re bringing the party directly to you. That’s right, in celebration of Grindr’s 15th birthday and Q Care Plus’s dedication to the LGBTQ+ community, we’re kicking off the Grindr Rides America Tour—and we’re inviting the community to join us for the ride of a lifetime.
The Great American Road Trip (but make it gay)
Grindr is stopping at ten cities across America to help their users up their Grindr game with that all-important grid staple: the perfect profile pic. We’re about to make 2024 the wettest and hottest American summer yet, and your profile pic should bring the heat—hop on board, strike a pose, and show us what you got.
In addition to two full-service portrait photography studios on board capturing our community in their best light, the bus will be fully loaded with local drag queens, highway hunks, punny bumper stickers (don’t we all just want to Hoexist?), free swag, Grindr Unlimited giveaways, and more at each location. 
Grindr x Q Care Plus
We don’t just want you to look good—we also want you to feel good, in case you plan on riding more than just the bus! The Q Care Plus team will join the Grindr Bus at all 10 locations this June, providing even more fun and excitement around LGBTQ+ and sexual wellness care.
Find out why Q Care Plus is your go-to for more than just a cheeky encounter with a cotton swab. It’s the online, one-stop shop for easy, virtual visits with expert providers, HIV and STI testing for PrEP users, and PrEP and doxy-PEP prescriptions delivered to your door. Even better, most patients pay $0 for their visits, labs, and prescriptions.
The team will be giving away collectible swag like their famous Pride clacker fans and attendees can get their photos taken with the Q Care Plus giant lips – let’s just say there will be more than a mouthful of fun joining the Grindr Bus this June.
So…where are we going?
The tour kicks off in San Francisco on May 29th and ends in New York on June 30th, with eight additional cross-country stops along the way:
  • 5/29: San Francisco – Midnight Sun from 8pm-12am
  • 6/1: Los Angeles – WEHO Pride from 12pm-8pm
  • 6/3: Phoenix – Charlie’s from 8pm-12am
  • 6/8: New Orleans Pride from 11am-6pm
  • 6/11: Atlanta – Ansley Square, Oscar’s, Felix’s, Mixx from 8pm-1am
  • 6/15: Wilton Manors Pride from 3pm-11pm
  • 6/19: Columbus – Union Café from 8pm-1 am
  • 6/22-6/23: Chicago Pride from 11am-10pm
  • 6/25: Pittsburgh – P-Town Bar from 8pm-12 am
  • 6/29- 6/30: New York City Pride from 11am-6pm
We’re also using our time on the road as an opportunity to share regional data snapshots of Grindr users in our destination cities. While we’ve highlighted global trends in the past with our annual Grindr Unwrapped, this Pride, we’re getting local. As part of our cross-country journey, we’ve dug deep into the psyche of our users in each of our destinations, compiling anonymous aggregated profile and survey data to paint a picture of what makes each city tick. Stay tuned to Grindr’s social channels throughout June for the full run-down on how some of America’s loudest and proudest cities stack up against each other. 
Beep beep—it’s giving BUS, and we can’t wait to welcome you aboard.
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