From Their Mouths – Part 1 

Need PrEP? Like, yesterday? We got you! Q Care Plus makes getting PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis) fast, easy, and FREE (That’s right, most Q Care Plus patients pay $0 for online medical visits, labs, and prescriptions).  

But don’t just take our word for it. Hear why patients choose Q Care Plus over other telePrEP providers with real Google reviews that came OUT of our patient’s mouths so you can get PrEP INTO yours.  

First time? Don’t worry! We’re gentle. 😉

Getting PrEP online for the first time with us is, well… “terrific.”

First time patient and the experience was terrific! Had initial consultation which was very thorough and outlining next steps with lab work. Seamless communication and the medicines already arrived. Highly recommend!” 

Chris, First-time Q Care Plus Patient, 5 Stars, GOOGLE REVIEW

We don’t ghost! We always call back.

Your PrEP provider is available and in communication with you at every step.

“I have had absolutely no problems using Q Care Plus services. The medication arrives on time. The pharmacy in Baton Rouge gave me a call letting me know they are sending it… [My provider] always messages me back with my lab results promptly. Anytime I have questions he responds very quickly. He is very personable and easy to communicate with. Very pleased!”

Ron, Long-time Q Care Plus Patient, 5 Stars, GOOGLE REVIEW

We respect you for you, and we never judge.

Q Care Plus is an open-minded, culturally competent, sex-positive, gender-affirming online PrEP provider. We proudly support and are part of the LGBTQ+ and underserved communities.

“I have had an incredible experience with the Q Care team as my primary method for receiving PrEP. When I say Q Care team, I am referring to the entire organization: pharmacists, doctors, and the care team staff. I have received care both in Indianapolis and in Atlanta…Taking the testing kits at home and mailing them is super easy and convenient; receiving my medicine at no cost in the mail is unbeatable; but experiencing unbelievably attentive, responsive and stellar customer service and care each time you contact an organization is mind-blowing and life-altering in a good way. There are good organizations that treat people within the LGBTQ+ community with dignity/respect and provide patient-centered care. This is one of those organizations. I would recommend all LGBTQ+ people to get their care from Q Care Plus.” 

Aaron, Self-proclaimed “Very Satisfied Patient,” 5 Stars, GOOGLE REVIEW

We value timely communication.

Many new patients told us they hadn’t been on PrEP yet because they didn’t know enough. We fixed that!

“Q Care has been a total blessing! The ease of testing, getting your medication promptly but MOST IMPORTANTLY the actual quick communication with the doctor is truly TOP QUALITY! WOW – I am incredibly impressed with [my provider] and her care for me personally, my health and my husband’s health. She has always been available and her timely response to my questions (even the embarrassing ones) is Above and Beyond. She makes you feel important, heard and valued. If you don’t have insurance and you want/need to qualify discreetly and professionally I recommend Q Care Plus! I have told several friends about this amazing program, and they have nothing but glowing reviews as well. It’s been an EASY process over the last year I’ve been in the program… Highly Highly recommend!”

Beed, Long-time Patient, 5 Stars, GOOGLE REVIEW

We’re super easy. 😉

Getting PrEP from Q Care Plus is easy. Our online experience is efficient, seamless, and user-friendly.

“This service is so convenient. They send the testing supplies right to your door. I got to test myself at home in my own time and at my own pace, and then sent everything out with no problem. Read the instructions thoroughly before testing and you won’t have a problem. It’s way easy which is what we’re all into. Then, I met with my provider (*drool emoji*) via video chat. We had a nice and quick conversation and then I had my prescription within days. …Totally worth knowing my status and being able to keep myself and others safe! Way to Q Care! Thanks for being so convenient!” 

Catch, Q Care Plus Patient, 5 Stars, GOOGLE REVIEW

We’re fast! (In a good way.) 

We offer convenient same-day, evening, or weekend online appointments and fast, confidential medication delivery.

“Great medical care and service. Convenient access to labs, prescriptions, and results all administered online and through mail. Major time saver!” 

Armen, Q Care Plus Patient, 5 Stars, GOOGLE REVIEW 

We offer FREE, online PrEP.

Yes, free PrEP exists, and most of our Q Care Plus patients pay $0 for their labs, visits, and prescriptions.

“Q Care Plus is an exceptional online clinic that caters to the LGBTQ community, offering vital services like PrEP. I’ve been a patient for over a year and my provider … has been amazing. Highly recommended! And their commitment to providing free support has made a significant impact on my life. Getting PrEP for free is truly invaluable, ensuring that individuals have access to essential healthcare without the burden of high expenses. The convenience of online consultations also adds to the appeal, making healthcare accessible and hassle-free.” 

OA, Long-time Q Care Plus Patient, 5 Stars, GOOGLE REVIEW

Heard enough? Get PrEP!

Q Care Plus provides fast, free, and easy online access to PrEP. In the fight against HIV, the once-daily PrEP pill is one of our most powerful tools. That’s why Q Care Plus makes it super convenient for anyone at risk of getting HIV to get PrEP quickly, so they have it when they need it. Sign up online, meet your provider virtually, and get fast, discreet medication delivery. 

Schedule your online visit today!

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