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Hey, darlings! When it comes to keeping yourself fabulous and fierce, PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis) is the ultimate weapon against HIV/AIDS. But let’s face it, sticking to a regular PrEP routine can be a real challenge, especially for queens on the go or those with a touch of forgetfulness. So, in this fabulous blog post, I’m gonna spill the tea on how to effortlessly incorporate PrEP into your morning routine without breaking a sweat!

Pick a Time of Day to Slay:

To make PrEP a true part of your daily gig, you gotta pick a set time, honey! Choose Your PrEP-o’clock. Think about your morning routine and find a fabulous moment that works for you. Whether it’s when you do your face beat or while sipping your morning coffee (or mimosa, no judgment here), linking PrEP to a daily ritual will make it second nature.

Set Those Morning Routine Alerts:

Let’s face it, remembering to take PrEP can be harder than remembering the name of your last Grindr date. Even the fiercest queens can sometimes forget. So, set those reminders, hun! Grab your phone and schedule an alarm or download a fabulous pill reminder app. That way, you’ll never miss a beat when it’s time to slay that PrEP routine. Technology is your best friend, henny!

Keep PrEP Front and Center:

Out of sight, out of mind? Not for a fierce queen like you! PrEP should always be ready for its close-up. Make sure to keep your PrEP within eyeshot, darling. Keep it on your vanity or next to your favorite lipstick, so you can’t help but notice it. Let it serve as a constant reminder to get that PrEP glam on, baby! After all, if it’s not seen, it’s not scene!

Get Ritual With It:

Taking PrEP should be a fabulous moment, mama! Turn it into a ritual that you adore. Whip up a luxurious cup of tea or brew your favorite blend of coffee to pair with your HIV medication. The sensory experience will make taking PrEP a total serve and something you look forward to every morning.

Prep Your PrEP, Honey:

Mornings can be a whirlwind of excitement, and we don’t have time for chaos, do we? Prep yourself, girl! Get a weekly pill organizer or a cute container with a whole week’s worth of PrEP, mama. When you’re ready to slay, everything will be in its place, making it as easy as a tuck to snatch that dose and conquer the day.

Call in the Squad:

Don’t be afraid to bring in backup, darling! Let your friends, family, or partners in on your PrEP journey. Share your goals and ask for their support. You could even create a fierce buddy system with someone who’s on the same schedule as you. Together, you’ll be a dynamic duo, reminding each other to werk that PrEP routine like superstars!

Celebrate The Slay:

We all love a good celebration, don’t we? Keep track of your progress and give yourself some love, diva! Create a PrEP journal where you can mark each day you slay that medication game. Treat yourself to little rewards or fabulous incentives when you hit milestones like one month, three months, or even six months of flawless PrEP usage. You deserve it, queen! After all, you’re not just surviving, you’re thriving!


Now, listen up, my fierce friends! Incorporating PrEP into your morning routine doesn’t have to be a drag or a cause for worry. Follow these sassy strategies, and you’ll be strutting your stuff with PrEP like a true superstar. Remember, taking PrEP regularly is a major step toward keeping yourself fabulous, healthy, and slayin’ all day. Stick to your morning routine, and let PrEP be your secret weapon in the fierce journey to a healthy, happy you!

Megan Standhaft

Megan Standhaft

Megan Standhaft (she/they) is a public health communication professional with 7+ years of experience in a variety of public health sectors, including water insecurity, domestic violence prevention, sexual violence prevention, and HIV prevention. They believe that creating relatable, fun, people-centered content about pertinent issues is the only way to continue driving change. Megan is also a public speaker, having the opportunity to speak at The White House Gender and Policy Council, The Jana's Campaign National Conference, the National Domestic Violence Hotline webinar events, and more.

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