PrEP Costs

PrEP Costs

Greetings, glitterati! Today we’ve got some juicy gossip that’s hotter than a two-dollar wig on a summer’s day: the cost of HIV PrEP.

What is PrEP?

PrEP, short for Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis, is an FDA-approved medicine that’s 99% effective at preventing you from getting HIV.

In other words?

PrEP is like having a fierce bodyguard, but for your sexual adventures. It’s your personal bouncer at the door of HIV, making sure that virus can’t get in and ruin your fabulous party. You know that friend who always carries an umbrella, even on a sunny day? Well, PrEP is like that, but instead of rain, it protects you from HIV showers. It’s like wearing an invisible superhero cape that says, “Not today, HIV!” Think of PrEP as your sassy shield, shielding you from the naughty HIV germs. It’s like having a magical forcefield around you, saying, “Uh-uh, honey, you’re not getting in here!”

Yea, But What is the Cost of Prep?


Let’s be honest, the price tag on PrEP can be more frightening than a bare-faced drag queen.

Brace yourselves for this jaw-dropping truth: a PrEP prescription can leave you gasping with a price tag soaring over $21,000 a year!

Can you imagine? Without insurance or payment programs, a thirty-day supply will set you back a hefty $1,758.00! It’s enough to make your perfectly painted face melt. But fear not, my darlings, for Q Care Plus has a secret technique to get that sweet, sweet PrEP for FREE.

Does Insurance Cover PrEP Costs?

Let’s talk about that bill that strutted into our lives in 2019, demanding that private insurance companies in the US cover the full shebang of PrEP costs. Yas, queen, you heard it right! Deductibles, co-pays, and even those extra fees are all snatched up by insurance companies, leaving you with PrEP at absolutely no cost!

Well, almost no cost.

There might still be some sneaky additional costs lurking in the shadows. So, don’t forget to channel your inner Nancy Drew and sleuth it out with your provider. We don’t want any unexpected surprises, now do we?

Remember, my fierce friends, insurance may be covering the main event, but those after-party expenses could still be on you. So, double-check, triple-check, and sashay your way through the fine print to ensure you’re fully prepared for the PrEP journey. Good news is Q Care Plus can help you with that.

Queue Q Care

Q Care Plus is like a beautiful unicorn sprinkling glittery magic all over your healthcare expenses.

They’ve got more tricks than a drag queen’s makeup bag to help both insured and uninsured patients get this lifesaving glitter pill. They’ll sign you up for co-pay cards and manufacturer assistance programs that cover a fabulous 100% of your out-of-pocket expenses for PrEP. They work hand in glove with community partners and foundations to cover the cost of your visits, labs, and medications.

But, what if you’re uninsured, honey? Q Care Plus has you covered like a good foundation! They can assist you in accessing Affordable Care Act plans that cover PrEP. They’ll hold your hand, fix your lashes, and guide you through the process to see if you qualify. They’re like the fairy godmother of PrEP, bibbidi-bobbidi-booing dreams into reality!

PrEP On Your Time
Q Care Plus knows you’re a busy queen with a world to rule. They offer flexible options that work around your schedule. Need a virtual doctor visit? They’ve got you! Want to do a lab test while lounging in your plush robe? They’ve got at-home testing kits! Or you can strut your stuff to traditional labs if that’s your jam. And when it’s time for your meds, Q Care Plus will deliver it right to your doorstep. It’s like having a personal glam squad, but for your health!

PrEP Costs: Free

And guess what, sugarplums? It’s all FREE! Yes, you heard it right, F-R-E-E! As free as a drag queen’s spirit on stage. The consultations, the medications, the lab tests – all of it covered! With Q Care Plus, you’ll have more left in your purse for that outrageously expensive Grindr subscription.

Q Care’s The Best

But the most fabulous thing about Q Care Plus is that they believe everyone should have access to PrEP, regardless of their income, insurance status, or how fabulous their wardrobe is. It’s like having a bunch of glittery guardian angels looking out for you.

So, my glamorous friends, there you have it. Q Care Plus is your one-stop-shop for all things PrEP. They’re breaking down barriers, shaking up the system, and ensuring that everyone can sashay their way to a healthier, more fabulous life. And remember, if you can’t love your health, how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else?

Megan Standhaft

Megan Standhaft

Megan Standhaft (she/they) is a public health communication professional with 7+ years of experience in a variety of public health sectors, including water insecurity, domestic violence prevention, sexual violence prevention, and HIV prevention. They believe that creating relatable, fun, people-centered content about pertinent issues is the only way to continue driving change. Megan is also a public speaker, having the opportunity to speak at The White House Gender and Policy Council, The Jana's Campaign National Conference, the National Domestic Violence Hotline webinar events, and more.

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