Andrew Gurza, joys and difficulties of disability

The Joys and Difficulties of Dating While Queer and Disabled

In Honor of International Day for Persons with Disabilities, Let’s Talk about Queer, Disabled Dating! Happy International Day of Persons with Disabilities! In this blog, I want to explore some of the joys of dating while disabled and queer, while highlighting some of the difficulties that disabled people experience plunging into the dating pool. So,…

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The Intersection of HIV and Ableism Blog Image

Why Stigma Around HIV is Rooted in Ableism & What We Can Do About It

With Guest Blogger Andrew Gurza Andrew Gurza is a queer disability advocate, podcaster, and writer, primarily focusing on the intersection of disability and sex. Most recently, Andrew was a Technical Consultant for the Queer As Folk reboot. This helps ensure the fair representation and portrayal of disabled folks. Let’s hear from Andrew on the undeniable…

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