PrEP 101: How to Get PrEP Online


Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis, better known as PrEP for HIV, is a powerful once-daily pill that reduces the chances of getting HIV by 99%*. Although PrEP is only available by prescription, Q Care Plus makes it safe and easy to get PrEP online. 


Q Care Plus follows the same laws, guidelines, and medical standards as any other qualified, reputable hospital or physician in the United States. Our providers are experts in their field and specialize in providing sensitive healthcare services, like HIV prevention and treatment. The Q Care Plus online patient portal also meets the highest standards of data security and privacy, giving patients peace of mind when it comes to their personal information.


This blog offers readers a 101-introduction class on PrEP. Keep reading to learn more about PrEP and how you can get it at little-to-no cost with Q Care Plus. 


Understanding PrEP and Its Importance.


What is PrEP for HIV? 


PrEP, a highly effective strategy for HIV prevention, is now more accessible than ever, thanks to the convenience and confidentiality of online healthcare / telehealth services like Q Care Plus. PrEP as an HIV prevention medication is recommended for people who are sexually active, inject drugs, and generally anyone at risk of getting HIV. 


Taken as a once-daily pill or injectable medication, PrEP reduces your chances of getting HIV by 99%. When taken as prescribed, PrEP is one of our most powerful tools in the fight against HIV/AIDS. PrEP prescriptions are covered by most insurance plans and are often available at no or low-cost. Q Care Plus currently only provides PrEP prescriptions for oral PrEP pills.


PrEP prevents HIV by stopping it from entering your body. When taken daily, PrEP reaches maximum protection after 7 days when HIV risk is related to anal sex and reaches maximum protection for vaginal sex after 21 days. PrEP does not protect against other STDs or STIs and it is even more effective at preventing HIV when used with condoms.


There are two named brands approved for use as PrEP: Truvada® and Descovy®.


Truvada® is for people at risk through sex or injection drug use. Descovy® is for people at risk through sex. Descovy is not for people assigned female at birth who are at risk for HIV through receptive vaginal sex.* To learn more about which PrEP medication is right for you, schedule an online consultation with one of our helpful Q Care plus providers. We can also prescribe generic PrEP, if required by your insurance. 




The Benefits of Getting PrEP Online


Q Care Plus provides a fast, free, and easy solution to get online PrEP. Most Q Care Plus patients pay $0 for their medical visits, labs, and prescriptions. If you read online patient reviews and look at our high Trustpilot score, it’s clear that people looking for PrEP online also love the ease that Q Care Plus offers. Patients meet or consult with friendly providers online, test at home or at a nearby lab at their convenience, and get PrEP medication delivered fast and discreetly to their door. 


It’s important to know that, for PrEP to work at its maximum effectiveness, you must take it daily as prescribed. That’s why we make staying on PrEP with Q Care Plus simple! Our care team will automatically contact you every three months to review labs, order tests if necessary, and prescribe PrEP refills. Patients can also contact their PrEP provider anytime they have questions or need help through the Q Care Plus online patient portal.


How to Get PrEP Online with Q Care Plus


Getting PrEP online with Q Care Plus is easy and per patient reviews, even enjoyable! Our patients say they like the convenient option of taking an HIV test for PrEP at home or at a nearby lab. We partner with Molecular Testing Labs for our at-home test kits or can coordinate labs with your local patient laboratory.


Here are the 4 easy steps to get on PrEP with Q Care Plus: 


1. Create Your Patient Profile – Signing up and scheduling your online PrEP appointment takes just a few minutes. 


2. Have Your Online Appointment – During the online PrEP appointment, you will meet your provider and discuss if PrEP is right for you. Appointments usually take less than 15 minutes!


3. Test at Home or In Person – If PrEP is right for you, we will mail you an at-home HIV and STI test kit* or refer you to a local in-person lab. 


Our HIV and STI at-home test kit*, by Molecular Testing Labs, allows you to conveniently complete and return your labs from home, saving you a trip to a clinic or doctor’s office.


The at-home test kit includes:

  • Blood Spot Card


  • Urine Sample


  • Throat Swab


  • Rectal Swab


*HIV and STI at-home test kits may not be available in all regions. Learn more about [HIV and STI testing]. 


It takes about 5-7 business days to process your home-collected test results and only a day or two if you visit your local lab. Your provider will review your labs and contact you to discuss your results. You can track your lab kit and your results when they are ready. 


4. Get PrEP Delivered – That’s it! Once your test kit is received and your results show that PrEP is right for you, our pharmacy partners will deliver your next 3-months of PrEP medication to the address of your choice in discreet packaging.


Managing Your PrEP Treatment Online


To help you stay on your medication, your Q Care Plus provider will check in on you every three months to order new labs and arrange for your refill. Q Care Plus follows clinical guidelines that recommend periodic lab testing while on PrEP for several reasons. 


First, we want to confirm that you remain HIV-negative while on PrEP. Because most STIs are present without any symptoms, periodic STI screenings are needed to make sure you did not contract one. 


Comprehensive STI screening requires one blood test as well as urine and swab samples. We care about your overall sexual health and want to keep you healthy! Unlike some other telePrEP providers, Q Care Plus provides you with the STI treatment you need if a test returns positive.


Common Questions About Getting PrEP Online


Do I need insurance to get PrEP?


We work hard to make PrEP available to as many people as possible even if they don’t have insurance. If you don’t have health insurance, are underinsured, or are an undocumented immigrant, we do what we can to help you access programs to get PrEP at little-to-no cost. In some areas, our services are 100% free through partnerships we’ve made with community-based organizations (CBOs) like local health clinics. 


Q Care Plus often can help you find and enroll in programs that will help cover the cost of your medicine and care. If one of our partner community health organizations has coverage in your area, they may cover the entire cost of your care. If one of our community partners is not available in your area, we may be able to connect you to financial assistance. If a CBO is not available in your area at the time you sign up, we’ll keep your information on file (with your permission) so we can alert you once the service opens in your area. 


Additionally, if you are in an eligible state, we may be able to prescribe doxy-PEP at the same time as your PrEP prescription at no cost as well.


Learn more about insurance coverage and read our frequently asked questions about PrEP.


Is getting PrEP online safe?


We take your privacy very seriously. Any information you send through our online portal is transmitted via industry standard encryption and stored in encrypted forms on servers according to federal standards under HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). We do not share your information without your consent.


The online PrEP medication you get from Q Care Plus is the same medicine available from legitimate, reputable pharmacies or clinics. It is also just as effective. Q Care Plus prescribes two PrEP brands: Descovy and Truvada, and a generic version.


How long does the testing kit take to arrive?


Q Care Plus will email you a tracking number every time we send you an at-home lab kit, prescription, or refill. You can track your packages in the Q Care Plus patient portal.


What if I already have a PrEP prescription but want to refill with Q Care Plus?


If you already have a PrEP prescription, we can help you transfer it to Q Care Plus easily. When you complete your online profile, we’ll ask if you already have an existing prescription on file somewhere else. If so, we can transfer that prescription over to our system, and if you’re already up to date on your labs, we will obtain those results and get your refill to you quickly. Delivery is free for patients, and we’ll do our absolute best to make sure there are little to no out-of-pocket expenses on your end.


Get PrEP online with Q Care Plus


To wrap up our PrEP 101 blog, let’s revisit the key takeaways from this guide. 

  • PrEP, a highly effective strategy for HIV prevention, is now more accessible than ever, thanks to the convenience and confidentiality of online healthcare/telehealth services like Q Care Plus. 
  • With a 99% risk reduction in preventing HIV when taken as prescribed, PrEP stands as a cornerstone in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Q Care Plus simplifies the process of getting PrEP online. From the comfort of your home (or your car or in a coffee shop!), you can consult with expert healthcare providers, complete necessary tests, and receive your PrEP medication discreetly delivered to your door. This streamlined process ensures that staying on top of your sexual health is hassle-free
  • Managing your PrEP medication is crucial for it to protect you from HIV. Q Care Plus is committed to supporting you every step of the way, from regular check-ins to testing, ensuring your continued sexual health and well-being.
  • If you’re looking for online PrEP or need a PrEP refill, Q Care Plus is here to guide you. With options for those without insurance and a commitment to privacy and safety, getting PrEP online has never been easier or more secure.


Get an online appointment for PrEP today!


Take the next step towards protecting yourself and supporting your sexual health. Visit Q Care Plus to schedule your appointment or to learn more about our services. Your health is our priority, and with Q Care Plus, you’re in safe, expert, caring hands.


*PrEP reduces the risk of HIV by 99% for sexual transmission and 74% for exposure through injected drug use. 


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