How to Use an At-Home Test Kit from Q Care Plus

How to Use an At-Home Test Kit from Q Care Plus

At-home HIV testing

How to Use an At-Home Test Kit from Q Care Plus

So you’re thinking of getting on PrEP or thinking of changing your PrEP provider. But, you don’t know how to get PrEP virtually by taking an at-home test kit. We’re here to help walk you through that process.

Completing the kit will only take around 15 minutes, and you’ll probably get faster as time goes on!

At-Home Test Kit Discreet Packaging

If you’re part of the LGBTQIA+ community, maybe you’re not out to your friends or family who you live with. Or maybe you just have a nosy neighbor (we all love the tea!) Regardless of the reason, you deserve privacy when it comes to your health.

That’s why the test kit and prescriptions we send to our patients are sent in un-branded, discreet packaging. That way, when it’s dropped at your door, it looks like a regular package.

Also, in your at-home test kit, we will send you a prepaid, pre-addressed envelope. So, when you’re ready to send your kit back, it’s hassle free.

Blood Spot Cards and Lancets

Many people who have taken HIV tests in the past wonder: how do you get blood samples at-home test kit?

For Q Care Plus patients, it’s two blood spot cards. We promise that if you fill out both cards, we will have enough blood for a sample!

The process is fairly simple: Prick your finger one time with the tiny lancet provided in your kit and blot EACH circle on the blood spot card.

Make sure each spot is completely filled in for the best possible results. If you are squeamish, ask a roommate, partner, or friend to help or at least be there with you as you take the blood sample.

Urine Sample

Next, each at-home test kit comes with a cup for urine. Wait until you’ve drunk a lot of water and fill it up as full as you can.

Also, just make sure it’s completely sealed before sending it back. You’ll need to use one of the sticker labels provided in the kit to label your cup with the date you took it.

Throat Swab

Not only do our at-home test kits test for HIV, but also the full STI panel. So, we will need a throat sample to make sure you don’t have any STIs that affect your throat area.

The swab is simple to use and it will be labeled with the word “throat” so you know exactly which one is intended for this purpose.

Just stick the swab in your throat and twirl it a few times. There will be several test tubes in your kit. Put the throat swab in a tube and use the sticker labeled “throat.” Put the sticker on the test tube so our team knows which swab it is.

Rectal Swab

Similarly, we will need to test your rectal area for any STIs.

There will be a swab labeled with the word “rectal”. In order to insert the swab deep enough for a good sample, you’ll need to relax. Hopefully, you have some practice with this.

Take some deep breaths before inserting and try not to tense up. Once you’ve completed the sample, put the swab in a test tube, and don’t forget to label it.

For People with Vaginas, We Need a Vaginal Swab!

Similar to the other swabs, if you have a vagina, we will need to have a vaginal swab sample. If you’re on your period, please wait until it’s over to test. Or, if you’ve had sex within the past 24 hours, wait until a full 24 hours has passed before testing.

Repeat the process above by inserting the swab, putting it into a test tube, and labeling the tube.

We’ll Give You a Ring!

Once all the above steps are complete, send your at-home test kit within 72 hours of testing! Our team of providers will assess your results and get back with you over the phone.

If any of your results come back positive, our team will work with you to create a treatment plan. If you are HIV negative and PrEP is right for you, we will get you started on medication.

At-Home Testing Every Three Months

Don’t forget: for those taking PrEP, you must re-test every three months. This process will repeat, and we will send you everything you need so you can test from the comfort of your own home.

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