Get On PrEP, Give Back to Your Community

Get On PrEP, Give Back to Your Community

Taking care of your sexual health is an important part of your overall health and well-being. But, did you know you can take care of yourself and your commity?

How it Works

Q Care Plus has a goal to make PrEP more accessible. We provide PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) to thousands of people across the country each year.

Apart from our dedicated team of providers and staff, we enlist the help of Community Based Organizations (CBOs) from around the country.

These entities are normally community health clinics or non-profit organizations.  They are already well-versed in knowledge around the LGBTQIA+ community, sexual health, HIV, and the importance of recognizing U=U.

Who We Partner With

Our team hand-selects CBOs that align with our values of providing quality, confidential, compassionate, LGBTQIA+ focused care. We work with them to understand the needs of their community and state, helping sponsor fundraising organizations, getting involved in their local Prides, and more.

Dozens of CBOs partner with Q Care Plus in over 30 states.

What Getting PrEP Through Q Care Plus Can Do

If you have health insurance, you’re helping a patient who is not insured get PrEP through government assistance programs each of our CBOs use. We help them get the most out of these programs through consulting. That way they can maximize the number of uninsured patients being assisted each year.

On top of that, through these government programs, CBOs get reimbursed for the cost of PrEP medication. They pour this money back into the community.

One example of this is REACH LA. With the government funds from PrEP reimbursement, they founded a creative arts program, showcasing artists’ digital art, photography, poetry, illustration, dance, drag, and videography to showcase the variety of talent in Los Angeles.

On top of this, they offer free Vogue and Heels classes.

This is a vital source of community and a safe space for many LGBTQIA+ folks, specifically trans and nonbinary people.

In fact studies have shown that queer people living in communities that are more stigmatizing toward their queer identities actually die an average of 12 years earlier than queer folks in more accepting communities.

The work our CBO partners are doing is truly lifesaving.

Get Started

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Megan Standhaft

Megan Standhaft

Megan Standhaft (she/they) is a public health communication professional with 7+ years of experience in a variety of public health sectors, including water insecurity, domestic violence prevention, sexual violence prevention, and HIV prevention. They believe that creating relatable, fun, people-centered content about pertinent issues is the only way to continue driving change. Megan is also a public speaker, having the opportunity to speak at The White House Gender and Policy Council, The Jana's Campaign National Conference, the National Domestic Violence Hotline webinar events, and more.